Book Review: Shadows & Shading

Recently, I’ve purchased a few craft/Copic related books that I wanted to share as I read them.

The 1st one I had to read is Marianne Walker’s new book: Shadows & Shading, just because it came highly recommended by my Copic Instructors, Debbie Olson and Lori Craig.

The size of the book was surprising small – I had expected a regular magazine-sized book but it turned out to be this tiny little half-sized book (5.5″ x 8.5″). The content, however, certainly didn’t disappoint. For such a small book, it certainly packs a punch. In fact, it’s a must-have book for any serious artist who wishes to gain a technical understanding of shadow placement and shading.

There are only 5 chapters in the book (excluding conclusion and glossary)

- lights and shadow basics

- light sources

- shading basic objects

- complex objects

- the color of shadows

Marianne goes through each chapter explaining in very simple layman’s term how to translate various light source into shadows. She writes about where light hits different shaded objects and how to break complex objects down to a collection of simple objects (eg. a person’s face is made up of ovals, triangles, cylinders etc). She also shares how to create different tone using different colored shadows.

There is something new in every page that takes my coloring to a different dimension. I’m sure there are more in-depth books on shadows and shading out in the market but this book is definitely in-depth enough for me to make my coloring and drawing look realistic and more than sufficient to make my cards and scrapbooking look professional.

It’s a must-have reference guide.



  1. Hi Steph! We have the same BLOG format! How fun! This is the first time I have run into someone using the same blog template! Welcome to the Ippity team, can’t wait to stamp with you!

  2. I’m so glad you have fixed your blog. I have been looking at Marianne Walker Book and wondering if it would be worth the money to get it. The way you some it is a pretty good little book, so maybe I will pick it up.
    Welcome to Color Me Creative Group and I know you will have a great time.
    Hugs, Patricia

  3. Shirley says:

    Great information, Steph. TFS