Book Review: Coloring Techniques for Card Making

Before I begin this book review, how do you like the new look of my blog? The old pink was just getting too much for me – it was giving me heartburn. So here is a cleaner slate to start a new month and a new post … here goes:

This book is well laid out and it outlines various coloring medium options that opened my eyes beyond my repertoire of watercolor pencils and Copic markers for coloring.

The book is organized by the 3 broad and different coloring techniques:

1) Colored-pencils Techniques

2) Watercolor Techniques

3) Marker Techniques

Within each technique, the author also covers how to use different coloring tools to color. For instance, to achieve watercolor techniques (in section 2), you can use reinkers, ink pads, distress ink, water color pencils, water color crayons, alcohol inks to achieve the water color effect!! It didn’t even occur to me to use more than just water color pencils.

In addition, the author provides step by step instructions on how to used each coloring tool and showcases various projects done of that technique. She also talks about which paper is suitable for each coloring medium.

There could be better photos distinguishing the overall look of the technique used and but I just love how organized the book is laid out and it certainly helps me focus on the technique that I would love to learn more. Great reference for beginners!

And a bonus: I am giving this book away in my blog candy – so put your name in the blue froggy thingy and win this book.