Ode to Moms …

Hello there …

It’s been an emotional week for me with my little baby going to kindergarten and embarking on his 17 year journey of education (I’m counting college coz he IS going to college and I said so because I’m the mom).

I’m sure every mom with kids going off to school for the 1st time feels the same excitment and nostalgia and are on the same emotional roller coaster as I. So instead of a card that I’m sharing (no I’m not in the mood to create – I’m in the mood to wallow in what I created), I’m sharing the funniest video I have seen on Youtube in a long while.

No this is not a new video – it’s been out for a while, I just revisit it when I need a laugh.

Have a laugh too if you haven’t seen it – Anita Renfroe, the singer, has a couple of other funny songs like that too … like a Dad version of it too.

Hoping to get my Mojo back soon!!