Happy Birthday Emma!!

My sweet little Emma is turning 2 today!

I put her in a disguise dress most of the time when we go out and she looks so petite, demure and sweet. But she really is a very assertive, sassy and somewhat spoilt little 2 yr old who gets away with pushing 6 year old boys down the slide if they take too long to go down. One day some kid is going to sit on her!

Anyhow, today we are having a small Dora the Explorer-themed birthday party for her with some close friends and family. While I was cutting out Dora images for wall decorations and getting the Dora cake, I realized there is nothing else Dora on the table besides the cake – so I fashioned a Dora Napkin holder out of a 6 pack paper carton. Here is it:

front view

1 of the side view

back view

Happy Birthday sweetheart!