Happy Birthday Emma!!

My sweet little Emma is turning 2 today!

I put her in a disguise dress most of the time when we go out and she looks so petite, demure and sweet. But she really is a very assertive, sassy and somewhat spoilt little 2 yr old who gets away with pushing 6 year old boys down the slide if they take too long to go down. One day some kid is going to sit on her!

Anyhow, today we are having a small Dora the Explorer-themed birthday party for her with some close friends and family. While I was cutting out Dora images for wall decorations and getting the Dora cake, I realized there is nothing else Dora on the table besides the cake – so I fashioned a Dora Napkin holder out of a 6 pack paper carton. Here is it:

front view

1 of the side view

back view

Happy Birthday sweetheart!




  1. d says:

    Aww Steph she sounds like just the perfect girl!! That is one darling creative little Dora decorated holder!! Way fun and perfect for her party! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter :)

  2. Renkata says:

    ohhh wow this is awesome dear.
    Great work.

  3. lorna says:

    The birthday girl must be thrilled to have her favourite Dora figures being the theme for her party.Dora napkin holders made from paper cartons. Gee!-that’s a creative use of scrap materials.

  4. admin says:

    She did have an awesome time – with Dora and her kiddy friends … and thankfully passed out after that.