Creative Vision Blog Hop #4

Welcome and hello everyone …

Welcome to another Creative Vision Design Team Themed Blog Hop. The hop today is VERY special because it is the team’s final hop. PLUS we have a guest designer on the company blog PLUS Laura Lou Who goes LIVE with THING 1 and Whoville ACTION NEWS! Yes the GRINCH GAME begins TODAY!!

The holiday season is always a time for giving. That’s what our family try to do every year. So the blog hop theme is suitably appropriate for us - “GIFTS”.

I bake cookies and give candies every year to our friends. But I always try to personalize it even more and dress up my gift by creating something in the craftroom. Here is a gift I will be giving this year:

Love the label and what’s in the jar!! yum. (Sorry Laura, I ate the chocolates – yes, all of it – before I could get it out to you – make no sense to send you an empty jar right? ;) )

Here is the order of the blog hop.

Laura Lou Who – Creative Vision Blog – (start here)

Kendra –

Stephanie – (you’re here)


Mary -

Allison -

Lauren -

Chelsea -

Remember, it’s more bless to give than to received – have a great season of giving this year!