Bring nature into your home

Good morning everyone,

Some of you may know that we just moved into our newly built home last year. It’s about time we started decorating after spending many many months unpacking. No we don’t have that many things – but we do have 2 young kids that redo every effort you make because they think they are helping – hence the many many MANY months of unpacking.

Well, we still have the basement to finish but it’s definately time to start decorating. Here is my start …

It’s so simple, anyone can do it too. Here are my directions:

  1. Adhere a piece of 4” x 6” burlap to white cardstock of the same size. (Note: burlap will be marginally smaller after trimming away/cleaning up frayed edges.)
  2. Adhere twig/grass from nature to burlap. My kids enjoyed collecting the twig/grass to add to our home decor.
  3. Stamp 2 vases onto chipboard. I used Stampendous Perfectly Clear Vase Set. I embossed 1 vase with Frantage Embossing Enamel (Aged Black) and the other with Embossing Powder Scenic Selection (Olive).
  4. Fussy cut vase out, clean up edges with alcohol ink and adhere to twig/grass.
  5. Pop the finished art into a 4” x 6” shadow frame, I got mine from Target.

Now, let’s just hope it doesn’t take us another year to hang it up.



  1. Wendyp says:

    super cute idea with the vases!!!