Wire Works

Hello peeps,

Every time I de-clutter, I find new things I haven’t seen in years but I probably hoarded just in case they run out or the world comes to an end … this time it’s Flower Soft wires. Oh yes, I own them, but I don’t remember when was the last time I used them.

I simply took 1 flower soft wire and cut it into 5 parts, colored them brown so they look like branches on a tree and twisted them together. Dotted bits of Flower Soft glue to the ends and dusted some Fuschia Flower Soft for flowers. You could use floral wires as well but I have discovered having used both that the Flower Soft wires are paper wrapped and sooo much easier to color than a gloss coated floral wire. When I adhere the “branch” to the card, I discovered that the 1/8″ magic tape I used to attach the “branch” was too wide so I sprinkled a touch of Ultrafine Sage Flowersoft for moss along the “branch” that conveniently covered up the tape tack. I kept the rest of the card simple so my fun wire project can be the highlight of the card.

I knew I kept my wires for a reason! I hope you’ve had a chance to de-clutter and discover jewels in your stash.