5 random things about me

Hello everyone,

I’m procrastinating today … I have housework to do, cards to make, kids to play with, errands to run but I can’t pull myself out of it today. So I’m going to procrastinate some more and tell you 5 random things about me today.

Here goes …

1) I have more purses than anyone I know – except, I only mainly use 1!

2) I don’t drink coffee – it gives me the ji-ji-jitters and I hate jitter-rrring all day

3) I drive a Toyota Highlander, hmmm, not very sexy.

4) I LOVE to travel period – anywhere …  no I wouldn’t sell my kids for a plane ticket; don’t even go there.

5) Okay – the people who work with me on my design teams already know this – but I’m a NIGHT OWL!! I wish the day started at 12nn and ends at 12midnight .. oh I would be so happy. So if you catch me on FB, online or IRL in the morning and I don’t say hello to you – it’s because the hamster in my head ain’t rolling yet.

There you have it!