Wire Works Kite

Good morning everyone,

It’s time for Wire Works Wednesday with Flower Soft wires.

I made a kite!

Somehow, it makes me so happy that I made a kite as if it was some kind of adventurous boy scout accomplishment or something. My kite was made from my homemade washi tape adventures – you may have read about it in this post. I have LOTS of them laying around so you will see them pop up again from time to time. The kite “string” was made from Flower Soft wires, colored with Copic Markers. The sentiment is also from Flower Soft! Bet you didn’t know Flower Soft makes stamps too – I didn’t either till now of course … they have a select few very cute stamps you should check out. The “wind” for the kite is also Flower Soft diamond range – Silver.

I also have had several friends recently ask me if you could use floral wire as a substitute for Flower Soft wires so I thought I should address this here in case you were also wondering. Technically, you could since it bends the same way (maybe the floral wires are a bit stiffer).

However, I would still recommend using Flower Soft wires – not because I am on the Flower Soft design team and I feel compelled to steer you towards the product – but because I have used both floral wires and Flower Soft wires and I truly prefer the white matted paper covered Flower Soft wires to the glossy plastic coated floral wires (or even the paper covered green floral wires). I prefer them because of these reasons:

- I could color on the Flower Soft wires while I couldn’t on the green floral wires (plastic or paper) – hence allowing me to use the wires for different projects (such as the kite one above).

- I have also found that glue sticks better on the Flower Soft wires than the floral wires (especially the glossy plastic ones).

So there you have it! Have fun with your wires!