This Tooth Fairy Is Ready!!

Hello folks..

If you follow me via FB, you may already know that for the last month, DS has been obsessed with losing his 1st tooth and making me test it daily. Well – if I concentrate hard enough, it might just wiggle 1/100 of an inch that day. Well, it’s been a month and nothing is happening yet. Oh and he has tested the market place too – the tooth fairy market place that is – and he found out that the tooth fairy brought 1 friend “paper money”, another “round money” and yet another got candy!! I quickly squelch that candy thought ‘coz this tooth fairy is not encouraging tooth decay in brand new teeth.

Since we’re on a month long family vacation this month and I will be no where near my crafting supplies, I thought it might be prudent for this tooth fairy to be ready just in case it does decide to fall out while we are away. Here is my heavenly arsenal:

The cute stars sticker is from Momenta, the stamps are from My Time Made Easy and the delicious glitter is from Stampendous!

Let’s hope I don’t have to test the tooth much longer.



  1. Katherine S says:

    I love it!