Hello everyone..

Some things are meant to be read and not spoken – case in point – trying saying the blog post title quickly.. I promise you’d feel like a spy.

I wanted to share some projects I made for Die Cut With A View (DCWV) last month for QVC UK on a free lance design basis. I was thrilled they called me, more thrilled with the amazing fabric paper they sent me and most thrilled with the projects I made. (no the photos are not my family, they sent me photos to work with too).

You can catch my projects on DCWV on QVC  tomorrow (September 5, at 2pm England time) – and here is a time zone convertor for you to figure out what time that will be for you (it’s September 5, 8am CST for me).

Challenges entered:

Moxie Fab World – Repetition challenge (card with 6 squares) & Gal/Qt/Pt challenge (Card with clothes line)