Copic Color Combo – Which One to Use?

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356 Copic colors – which one to use? It’s like having a whole wardrobe full of clothes and still finding nothing to wear! This class will show you exactly which colors will bring your coloring to life, whether you have a beginner’s collection of markers or have a full of spectrum of colors to choose from. I’ll show you the colors you’ll need for every single color family as well as for common images such as skin color, hair, metallic images, clay, landscape and so on. Stop reinventing the wheel and learn unique combinations to make coloring with Copic markers easier.



  1. Awesome coloring Stephanie! I will check back later to check out your CardMaker/Flower Soft blog hop post when you get it up.
    True :D

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  2. Diane Hover says:

    Wow…sounds like a very fun class and very informative, too!!

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