Copic Color Combo – Which One to Use?

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Do you want to take this class for free? Read on …


Registration has begun now – click here to save your spot! Class begins Nov 30, 2012.

I will be picking a random registered student to offer this class for free! (your class fees will be refunded)

356 Copic colors – which one to use? It’s like having a whole wardrobe full of clothes and still finding nothing to wear! This class will show you exactly which colors will bring your coloring to life, whether you have a beginner’s collection of markers or have a full of spectrum of colors to choose from. I’ll show you the colors you’ll need for every single color family as well as for common images such as skin color, hair, metallic images, clay, landscape and so on. Stop reinventing the wheel and learn unique combinations to make coloring with Copic markers easier.


CHA Day 4

Today is my last day at CHA … it was fun to meet people new and old, but extremely tiring. I am feeling every year of my age and my feet is feeling twice as old.

Here are some more pics from the floor. Enjoy and I hope you are all jazzed up with creativity and excitement from these new products coming out soon!


CHA Day 3

CHA is a craft lover’s paradise – thankfully there is no retail sale here  – and it’s way too exciting not to show these to you.

Enjoy my friends – and I’m not done with walking the floor – leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to see.



CHA Day 2

Well hello everyone,

It’s been a whirlwind kind of a day! I spent the most part of my day demonstrating at the Crafter’s Companion booth and it’s past midnight and I’m totally spent … sounds like I didn’t see anything at the trade show floor today right!! Fortunately for you and me, I manage to get to the trade show floor before it was officially open and took a quick browse around (Thank you Laura for getting me on the Stampendous exhibitor badge).

Here is what I saw … (click on each pic to see a larger version – have to keep it to a manageable size)

There is so much to see here – tomorrow, I have a couple of free hours to myself which I intent to spend a much long time browsing each booth and seeing these swoon worthy products closeup and in more details – yup, I need to be fondling and examining them all. And you will not miss it too.

Check back in tomorrow.

p/s: sorry ladies from my Crafter’s Companion DT, I don’t have pic of Crafter’s Companion booth today since I was working the booth. Jennie took pics of me working the booth tho that I’m sure she will post. I will take pics of the booth tomorrow when I’m not working the booth.


I’m here – at CHA

Well Folks …

After traveling for the entire day today (5 1/2 hrs flight + 2 hr time difference) – I’m finally here. And I promised to keep you all informed with tons of photos so you’re not missing anything …

Nothing much has happened today yet – since it’s a traveling day for me .. but here is what greeted me when I got here at 5pm.

Too late to get onto the show floor (show floor is officially open tomorrow Jan 29) but since I was on an exhibitors badge – technically I could have gotten in today IF I had gotten there before 5pm … but I didn’t get to my hotel until 4.30pm – so that’s the way the dice rolled.

I did get to the 1st ever Flower Soft certification class where I learnt tons of techniques to use flower soft products – which I will soon share on my Flower Soft posts.

Here’s a picture of part of my Flower Soft team.

Sorry for the blurry picture – obviously someone else took that picture since I’m in the picture. That would be Krista, Mark, myself and Noreen in the picture (L to R).

There you go – beyond traveling for the better part of the day – that’s what I did from 5pm to 10pm on the 1st day I got to CHA.

Will share more pictures from the trade show floor tomorrow. I will do my darndest to dig myself out of bed and get there early so I can get pictures of as many booths as I can before the doors officially open at 10am.


CHA sneak peeks …

Hello everyone!! (warning: photo heavy post)

This has been a crazy week for me because I’m prepping last minute cards and projects for CHA and it’s also incredibly exciting because I get to leave for CHA this weekend!! Woohooooooo!!

So if you are going to be there – I’m looking forward to meeting you in person and if you’re not going to be there, don’t worry, I promise to do a daily post with lots of photos so you feel like you’re there!! yeah yeah!

Wait – there is more – just like you, I’m also drooling and swooning over the rash of new papers and embellishments coming out and here is a sneak peak of what catches my fancy.

Oh definately these easy to use washi tapes …



Studio Calico

Crate Paper

Crate Paper

And the huge array of honeycomb pattern papers …

My Mind's Eye

My Mind's Eye

My Mind's Eye


and these back in style iconic images (telephone, bicycles, mason jars, smooch smooch smooooooooch) …

Wendy Vecchi/Studio 490

Jillibean Soup

Studio Calico


Jenni Bowlin

Jillibean Soup

Cosmo Cricket

and 1st the chevrons, now the zigzags … com’on, give my pocket book a break PLEASE!!

Jenni Bowlin

GCD Studio

What catches Your fancy? curious minds want to know …


Black Friday Sale!!

Just when you thought Thanksgiving was the biggest day of the year! Checkout what’s happening the day after Thanksgiving!


Place your order here.


Upcoming Business Expo

Good morning everyone,

See the new page on my blog call “Events”?

That will be where I will be announcing the business events where I will be showcasing and selling my cards. This upcoming one will be at Discover Victoria Day on September 24. There will be plenty of cards to choose from – over 100 designs. Here are some of the new ones for this season. You can also purchase my cards before or after the event online on our website, Arty Carty Handmade Cards.


Challenge entered:

Simon Says Stamp

Sundays with Crissy

Flourishes Bring Back Beautiful

Cute Card Thursdays



Lennar @ Rhapsody Open House event …

Hi there bloggers!! The Lennar @ Rhapsody Open House has come to an end. What a wonderful showing of people who were willing to share their time and fun personalities. The model house shows beautifully and everyone was visible impressed. You can see the floor plan of the model here.

I also can’t beginning to thank everyone for their support with card sales. It certainly is a boost in ego to hear someone compliment and buy my handmade cards. I truly love making cards and it has taken me a number of years to be able to put a price tag on my creations and part with it. Thanks Scott for including me in the event – I am armed with inspiration for my next batch of cards.

Till the next post ….