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Bring Your Style is about using generic products such as Flower Soft, embossing powders, glitters and pulling them together to create your style and tell your story in card making or scrapbooking.


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In my first class, I teach 5 creative techniques to use your Flower Soft – you will never look at Flower Soft the same again!

My second class covers different techniques to use your embossing powders and glitter – with so many of these products in the market, this is the class that will show you the way.

My third class goes over the basics in card making and scrapbooking. If you think you are a card maker and never ventured into scrapbooking or if you are a scrapbooker who wants to do more card making – this is the class for you.

The final wrap up class pulls them all together in an interactive and hands on class where you will infuse life into these generic products by Bringing Your artistic Style to the table! I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring you a comprehensive in-depth technique and application based class that will be well worth your while!

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The Art Studio

Well …. it’s officially launched!! And I am beyond excited to tell you more about the new venture at Scrapbook News and Review!

They have assembled an amazing and talented group of paper crafters, digital and mixed media artists to bring you a wide variety of online classes and ebooks at The Art Studio!

and my first class will starting in July and here it is

I will be teaching a technique and application based 4 part class series called Bring Your Style consisting of Flower Soft and embossing techniques, basic scrapbooking and card making design concepts and a hands-on application class in finding your art style.

Here is the official description:

Do you like adding visually interesting texture and dimension to your layouts and cards? Is it important to you that they don’t cost and arm and leg? And that they don’t add significant bulk in your albums or postage to your cards?

I sure like adding them and it’s important to me that they’re inexpensive and lightweight. In order to accomplish this, I like to break out my favorite glitters, embossing powders and some Flower Soft. Luckily, all three are easy and unique ways of adding height and texture and they also last a long time.

When it comes to using them on my projects, I like to step outside the box and use them on my layouts and cards in unique and non-traditional ways. In the end, I stretch my supplies as well as add a little more bang for my buck.

Bring Your Style is a series of four well-thought out classes. Each week covers a different product to help you:

  • Discover creative ways to use Flower soft, embossing powders and glitters.
  • Learn convenient tips to work with them effectively.
  • Stretch your crafting dollar by using existing techniques and resources in multiple ways.
  • Familiarize yourself with structured layout designs in order to create visually appealing layouts and cards.
  • Learn how to view your layouts as clusters.
  • Learn how to create movement on your projects.
  • Incorporate the techniques and concepts you’ll learn in all the classes onto your cards and layouts.
  • Understand how to add interesting textural variety as well as visual balance.
  • Complete a final project in the last week where you’ll get individualized attention and hands-on feedback.

Bring Your Style was designed to be a progressive class series that will teach you nine different techniques and an in-depth look at what a good layout comprises, ending with you completing a layout that uses all three concepts. And, even better, brings your own style to the table!

It’s a comprehensive class that will take you from creative technique based to individualized application, all for just $19.99 per class. A huge discount is available if you bundle all the classes into one fabulous mega class.

You’ll get hands-on and individualized attention and feedback in the final wrap-up class that will only be available to participants who attended at least one other class in the series. You’ll bring your completed layout to the wrap-up class and learn from others as well. I assure you that it will be well worth the effort.

Now head on over to The Art Studio hit the Save My Spot button and reserve your seat today.

*Giveaway alert: I will be giving away a free class series (worth $50) today as well*

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I’m a SuperNova!

Hello all,

I have an announcement to make! I feel like the luckiest person in the world – I’m on the Paper Craft Planet design team!

Paper Craft Planet is one of the best online communities here in blogland – awesome tutorials, industry news, challenges and so much more! One of my favorite posts that I keep going back to is the post reporting the scrapbook and crafting trends following Winter CHA 2012 and the best part – the amazingly welcoming sense of community. I think about half a dozen people I didn’t know privately messaged a welcome note to me when I first joined the community about 6 months ago. How cool is that!

This time is no exception – Susanna and the current design team made me feel so incredibly wanted on the team with their extremely prompt and so heartfelt welcome. I ♥ you girls!

Who are these talented girls I’m referring to:

Adela Rossol

Wendy Price

Lori Tecler

Susanna Boyd

Amy Park

Loretta Lock

Lyn Bernatovich

Deb Felts

Pam Hornshu

Taylor Usry

Lisa Somerville

and a HUGE congrats to my friends Wendy Jordan and Janelle Stollfus for being the other new SuperNovas too!

Head on over to The Planet blog to check it out! I’ll see you there …



5 random things about me

Hello everyone,

I’m procrastinating today … I have housework to do, cards to make, kids to play with, errands to run but I can’t pull myself out of it today. So I’m going to procrastinate some more and tell you 5 random things about me today.

Here goes …

1) I have more purses than anyone I know – except, I only mainly use 1!

2) I don’t drink coffee – it gives me the ji-ji-jitters and I hate jitter-rrring all day

3) I drive a Toyota Highlander, hmmm, not very sexy.

4) I LOVE to travel period – anywhere …  no I wouldn’t sell my kids for a plane ticket; don’t even go there.

5) Okay – the people who work with me on my design teams already know this – but I’m a NIGHT OWL!! I wish the day started at 12nn and ends at 12midnight .. oh I would be so happy. So if you catch me on FB, online or IRL in the morning and I don’t say hello to you – it’s because the hamster in my head ain’t rolling yet.

There you have it!


Ode to Moms …

Hello there …

It’s been an emotional week for me with my little baby going to kindergarten and embarking on his 17 year journey of education (I’m counting college coz he IS going to college and I said so because I’m the mom).

I’m sure every mom with kids going off to school for the 1st time feels the same excitment and nostalgia and are on the same emotional roller coaster as I. So instead of a card that I’m sharing (no I’m not in the mood to create – I’m in the mood to wallow in what I created), I’m sharing the funniest video I have seen on Youtube in a long while.

No this is not a new video – it’s been out for a while, I just revisit it when I need a laugh.

Have a laugh too if you haven’t seen it – Anita Renfroe, the singer, has a couple of other funny songs like that too … like a Dad version of it too.

Hoping to get my Mojo back soon!!


1st Day of School

Hi all,

No cards to share today. I’ve been at kindergarten for the last 2 days (actually 4 days this week if you include orientation and assessment days). My little baby is going to school like a big boy. YEAH!!! sob sob…

So here are photos of my big boy on his 1st day at kindergarten instead.

Waiting for school bus - very excited!

Picked out his own clothes - I'm not fighting the fact that they are jammies...


Bus is here - 15 mins late - prob every other parent taking photos too - look at the little thumbs up - how adorable.

Getting ready to go to class with Ms Rienstra - feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the crowd


Finding his cubby - yup, my little baby is almost always the smallest one...they can all barely reach the top shelf.

Kindergarten has officially started - pay attention please.



True confessions

Hello everyone,

It’s been about 3months since I started blogging – I love my 3 month journey so far and the best thing I love about it is the new friends I’ve made. So I figured, it’s about time I did a post like this one so you can get to know me better. Be kind to me …

  • I am addicted to Copic Markers. Oh wait, I’m also addicted to Spellbinders Nestabilities. Hmm … and Magnolia Stamps, and distress inks, stains, all things Tim Holtz, now Riley and Co. stamps …. you get the picture.
  • I eat junk food in the pantry (my kids really don’t need that much junk food) – I’m not a kid.
  • I love the smell of Strawberry Shortcake (the doll not the food). I had some when I was a kid but now that my little Emma is old enough to want one, I have it in the house again. Yeah yeah – I wonder how they make the plastic smell like strawberries and it still smells nice even after you wash it.
  • I buy supplies online, then I forget I bought them and re-buy them again. Hmm .. senior moments are getting more frequent. So now I have a shopping list for what I need and also a already-bought list for what I’m waiting for in the mail. Geez – I may need a list for already own items!

Alright – that’s it for now – don’t want to scare everyone away. Now, wasn’t that fun?



My new stamp library …

Today is the day to rejoice!! Thank goodness – my month-long project to reorganize my stamp collection is finally done. What a relief! I thought I’d never get it done – it was a long arduous journey where I almost gave up a few times.

Anyway – here is how I would find my stamps.

1) Look in my stamp inventory binder where there are 7 categories

  • Alphabets (letters, numbers, punctuations)
  • Celebration (birthday, new house, new baby, graduation, wedding)
  • Design (flourishes, texture, backgrounds, borders, tags)
  • Holiday (X’mas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween, 4th July)
  • Misc objects (collage, objects)
  • Nature (flowers, leaves, animals, critters)
  • People (here is where I put my magnolia stamps and images of people)
  • Sentiment (text, greetings, dates)

2)Each category correspond to a box of stamps. (e.g. “Design” category has a “Design” box, “Celebration” category has a “celebration” box etc.)

3) If I’m looking for a specific stamp (say invitations), I look in the “Celebration” category in my binder

- where I will find “invitation”. Flipping to my “invitation” page on my binder, I find all my “invitation”  images. This way, I only need to work with a binder on my craft table.

4) When I have found the image I need in the binder, I look into the boxes for the exact CD cases they are stored in.

When I buy more stamps (which we all know will happen), I just add it to the corresponding box & the corresponding category in my binder. Or if I happen to buy a stamp that I need to create a new category for, I just create a new box & a new corresponding category in my binder.

I hope this system works for a while because I’m not looking forward to recreating the whole system for a while.

Have a great day!


So many toys, so little time …

Well hello bloggers … I have to apologize for the unintentional gap in post.

I enjoy shopping – I have not met a crafter who doesn’t. Most of the time, I have some degree of self-control but ocassional,  I lose it (com’on – I’m human)! So I got totally carried away shopping yesterday … and now I’m totally playing with my new toys. Woo Hoo!!

Here is my haul …

Yes I mean really Carried Away – all unintentional purchases – really, everyone needs a Vagabond (doesn’t matter if I already have a Silhouette).

On a positive note, lookie what I made with my Zutter-Bind-it-All. Got to use it … at least once. Actually, I intent to make a Copic Coloring Book too (but that’s another post).

Have a fun day!! I intent to … in my craftroom.



My stamp organization

Good morning friends,

A few of you have asked about my progress with my stamp organization that I started a few post back.

The bad news – it is not completed yet; the good news – I made progress.

The bad news – it’s a slow and painstaking process; the good news – I found out that I have about close to 150 sets of stamps

The bad news – I had to cut them all apart to fit them into CD cases; the good news – by separating them from their original sets, I am not locked into a specific way to use them and I am using each of them more.

Enough of my ramblings … here are my work-in-progress pictures.

I have taken them out of their plastic sheets they came in and put each image into their CD cases;

labelled the CD cases,

and they all go into boxes I bought from Ikea sorted by categories. I have created 7 categories:

1) Alphabets (letters, numbers, punctuations)

2) Celebration (birthday, new house, new baby, graduation, wedding)

3) Design (flourishes, texture, backgrounds, borders, tags)

4) Holiday (x’mas, easter, valetines, halloween, 4th july)

5) Misc objects (collage, objects)

6) Nature (flowers, leaves, animals, critters)

7) People (here is where I put my magnolia stamps and images of people)

8) Sentiment (text, greetings, dates)

There are some stamps that would fall into more than 1 category – I put those in the category I would most likely use/find them.

Here is where they sit in on my closet.

My  next step is to label those boxes and create an inventory binder of all my stamps so I can find them in the boxes.

I can’t wait to finish this project … meanwhile, celebrate your little successes!


Time to organize …

Sorry everyone for the gap in post – Blogger, the hosting domain, went down last week for over 2 days and no one could get in to post anything. In addition, they took all the post and comments after 5/12 down with it. What a nightmare! So here I am re-typing the 5/12 post again and it infuriates me as I am typing and also not knowing if the blog invites I sent that day got to anyone. I hate to inundate friends with multiple invites. Sorry for gripping – I found a quote from a source I don’t remember that says “If you threaten me, I’ll blog about it”.

Anyhow, I spent most of my time today, reworking on the blog what was lost, hunting for tools, fondling my tools, moving it from place to place to try a new spot instead of stamping and actually creating something. That means it’s time to organize again…organizing always refreshes my creative mind. Finding a new home for something is like looking at the world from a different perspective – sometimes, the perspective is so different, I can’t find what I am looking for. (but that is for another post).

In one of my mentally idle moments, I found Ted’s amazing, out-of-this-world stamp organization. OMG!!! you have to see it to appreciate that OMG comment!! It’s a level of organization that only a librarian (or some related profession) can come up with!!

My own stamp collection is in 3 piles – to be used (on my craft desk), used and to be put back (on my computer desk) and unused (in 3 ring binders). Binders didn’t quite work for me because the weight of the stamps were ripping the D-rings out of the binders and it just seem like a 3″ binder could hold about 10-15 stamp sets before they would start ripping out. So I wondered for a long time (6 months to be exact) if Ted’s system can redefine the current state of organized chaos in my own stamp collection.

I decided to embark on this organizational journey that I have dared not venture. So I bought 200 empty CD jewel cases from Polyline Corp – they are the cheapest (including shipping) I have found online @ $0.14/case. My husband rolled his eyes when he saw me spending money on junk again. Here is a picture of it.

It’s been sitting for a week now – I better get a moving on it otherwise, I would have fallen off this organization bandwagon before it got anywhere. And since I have already post it, that is added incentive to keep moving and get my stamps in the cases.

Have a great day today and I hope blogger doesn’t remove this post again.


A Beginning …

I have been assimilated by the Blog Borg. . . Resistance was futile! I will try blogging for a month; if I keep up with it, I may just keep going. I will ramble about stamping, scrapbooking, paper crafting and all thing hobbies for the most part. But I am quite sure that my adventures as a mom with 2 kids, 5 and under, will crop up occasionally as well. I have three more week before preschool ends  — just enough time (I hope) to organize my craft room and I sure am looking forward to the Copic Certification class that I am attending in 2 weeks…woohooo!!! Did I mentioned I’m obsessed with Copic Markers too?? – 144 sketches and counting.