My Studio

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Hey all, I’ve had several request about how I store my supplies since I’m such a collector … so it’s about time I did some housekeeping and I’m sharing a few photos.

Hopefully, once I cleaned up more of my space, I will post a video of my whole work space – which, by the way, is super small – 10′ x 11′. So most of my wares are in a large closet – thankfully to hide the mess.Here is where I keep my hard embellishments – in a hardware box from Home Depot, and it’s sitting on regular closet track wire shelving. I have 4 of these boxes.

Here’s an inside look at 1 of the boxes : my brads, mainly sorted by size and material


Here is how I sort my alphas – in one of those hardware boxes too – each letter has a slot (are you frightened by my OCD tendencies yet? coz there is more … bwhahaha)
Well the rest of the case in those 4 hardware box contains other hard embellishments like hat pins, eyelets, hooks, tiles and so on … you get the point so let’s move on.
In that closet, I also store my ribbons – on skirt hangers by colors (ya – the messy stuff needs to stay in the closet behind closed doors):
I also store my collection of Copic Markers and refills on 1 of the wire shelving in the closet, in one of these ArtBin Double Deep Satchels:
Moving out of the closet, I store my stamps in Ikea boxes, on Ikea Expedit shelves like so:
and each box contains CD jewel cases of stamps (cateloged in a binder you see up top):
You can see my neurotic stamp cateloging system in this post.
My Expedit shelves run pretty much floor to ceiling on 1 wall of my studio and these are the things that on them (each has its own cubby):



Washi Tapes

The individually packed items like mists, embossing powers, glitters, Flower Soft, alcohol inks, paint bottles and so on, all go in baskets like this on the Expedit shelves in their own little cubby.


There are lots of other things to show – paper, ink pads, embossing folders, dies, adhesives and so on but that’s all I have for now that is not overflowing. Put your craftroom link in the comments so I can check out yours too!